The Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act applies to JSHOA and is embodied in California Civil Code Sections 4000-5985.  Among other things, the law specifies that an owner [in a common interest development such as JSHOA] must provide certain documents to a prospective purchaser.  Please refer to that Civil Code section for a detailed list which is briefly summarized here:

GOVERNING DOCUMENTS - A copy of the governing documents of the common interest development [CC&Rs, Bylaws], including any operating rules, and including a copy of the association's Articles of Incorporation

DUES/LIENS - A true statement in writing obtained from an authorized representative of the association [i.e., the management company] of current regular and special assessments and fees, any assessments levied upon the owner's interest that are unpaid on the date of the statement, and any monetary fines or penalties levied upon the owner's interest and unpaid on the date of the statement.  The statement obtained from an authorized representative shall also include true information on late charges, interest, and costs of collection which, as of the date of the statement, are or may be made a lien upon the owner's interest.

VIOLATIONS - A copy or a summary of any notice previously sent to the owner that sets forth any alleged violation of the governing documents that remains unresolved at the time of the request. 

Meeting minutes for the most recent 12-month period may be viewed at (or downloaded from) this website.

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Hemerocallis species, Daylily, bulb-like small shrubs with showy summer to fall blooms, generally yellow to orange, use in borders, as mass plantings, near pools, best in shade or east exposure. Very successful in the High Desert, but may suffer some winter freeze damage and wind burn. 


City of Victorville Water Conservation Tips and Water Smart Plants
Updated 03/27/2018